Import your bank accounts

Bankwiser gives you the option of manually importing statements in Excel format called CSV. These can be downloaded from your online bank, then imported into Bankwiser. You can also import transactions automatically from 2,000+ European banks connected via Nordigen PSD2 API platform.

Categorize your transactions

Once you've added your transactions, you'll need to sort them into categories. You can create and assign categories yourself using category keywords. Bankwiser will automatically categorize transactions in the background for you.

Create your budgets and forecast

When your transactions are loaded into Bankwiser and categorized, you can start creating budgets for each category. Budgets help you to see the bigger picture of your earning and spending and help you keep on top of your financial goals.

Graphs and reports

With Bankwiser reports you can isolate and focus on the data that is most important to you and analyze your finances from several different points. In all reports you can filter by period, categories, accounts and merchants. Print and Export to PDF format.

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After you've imported your transactions into Bankwiser, you can find them all in the one place on the Transactions page! The Transactions page is where you can inspect all the elements of your transactions. Categorizing your transactions, adding tags, creating custom filters, or changing description. You can view a full picture across all of your accounts, or view specific accounts by selecting the account from the filter form. You can easily search your transactions based on many different criteria.



Assigning the transactions imported into Bankwiser into meaningful categories helps to classify your income and expenses into different areas. Once your transactions are assigned to categories, you can create budgets for these categories to track your income and expenses! You can use the Categories page to personalize your categories with your own category names and colors, enable or disable them.


Graphs & Reports

You can get different types of graphs and reports by using the Reports page. Reports provide sophisticated visual tools to help you better understand your expenses and income. You can customize your reports according to category, date, account and/or transaction type. You can also export your reports to a PDF file which will allow you to print the report if you'd like.



Creating budgets for your categories lets you quickly see how much money you have left in a particular period, detect overspending and track income. By adding budget categories you'll see how your planned income and expenses affect your finances at any date or even in the future. You should always have savings set aside when unexpected expenses come up. The budget screen shows you money that was not spent and was rolled forward from the previous month. You can always customize your budget by selecting the categories you’d like to track.



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